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Welcome to Necessary Aid Alliance
Necessary Aid Alliance is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana that seeks to canvass educational support for rural children, promote gender equality, foster girl child empowerment, stimulating skills training for women in rural communities and providing support for vulnerable groups.  Our utmost aim is to break the cycle of endemic poverty through education, entrepreneurial training for women so as to economically empower them and ensure self-reliance.

What We Offer

Education – Read To Lead

At NAA-Ghana, we understand education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is a human fight not a female fight. This is why we work to attack cultural norms at the local level.

Girl Child Empowerment

We ensure that teenage girls are empowered to make a strategic life choice that affects them.

Skills Training

We stimulate entrepreneurial training for women to acquire skills in a variety of practical trades to create a livelihood.

Skills Training

Our organizations canvass support financially and logistically wise to distribute among those in need.

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Support our vision of developing thriving rural communities where children will have the opportunity to attain quality education, teenage girls will be safe and free to make informed decisions, women will be able to earn enough to feed families, and inspired healthy vulnerable groups.

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