Sixty (60) Persons With Disabilities Benefits from EV’s Fund #AIDWEAR Outreach in Lyssah

With funding from EV’s UNIQUE FASHION through the #AIDWEAR fundraiser, we demonstrated our core commitment to the support of vulnerable groups through our humanitarian outreach in the Lyssah Community in the Lawra Municipality. The primary focus was to feast with persons with disabilities, listen to their needs and provide physical and emotional support to them.

We engaged a total of sixty people living with disabilities with various disabilities ranging from physical to cognitive impairments. Activities included the sharing of snacks which included, drinks, meat pie, fried chicken and biscuits. Participants were thrilled with cultural songs and dance, they also had the opportunity to voice out their concerns and received clarity and emotional support from our volunteers. Each person was also supported with a litre of liquid soap to assist them in maintaining personal hygiene.

Participants expressed gratitude for the nutritious snacks, emotional support, logistics support and thrilling fun activities.

They however bemoaned that over 50% of persons living with disabilities are not receiving any support from the government. We promised to channel this concern to the right authorities for redress.

Our outreach in Lyssah was a resounding success as we were able to achieve our goal of uplifting the spirits of persons living with disabilities through the diverse support given.

Our Executive Director Expressed thanks to the CEO of EV’s UNIQUE FASHION for the resource support.

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