Seventy (70) Women in Lawra Municipality Gets Skills

Kind courtesy to the EV,s UNIQUE FASHION #AIDWEAR Fund, Seventy women drawn from five (5) communities in the Lawra Municipality who previously have never received any skills training, have received training on the preparation, packaging and marketing of liquid soap by our organization. Beneficiaries were largely drawn from Lyssah, Berwong, Kumasal, Singg and Buree.

The women were impressed with the training process and demonstrated hands-on trial which they passed. The majority of these women have seasonal farming as their main occupation and by this training, they will be empowered to earn income all year round from the new skill gained to support their families boost the local economy and reduce poverty levels.

Beneficiaries were oriented with the process of buying start-up chemicals from trusted dealers to enable them to run profits. Through this training, we expect job creation and improved personal hygiene in their various household since the soap produced are relatively cheaper and can last longer serving their needs.

Our Gender Desk Specialist Madam Suzanna Bijido encouraged them to make efforts to put the training into practice by starting their own business and taking advantage of markets, festivals, funerals and large gatherings to make sales.

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