Necessary Aid Alliance empowers intern to undertake menstrual hygiene outreach at Kaleo JHS

Our student intern from the University for Development Studies was resourced to carry out a social outreach on providing education on menstrual health/hygiene information and training to students of Kaleo JHS. Poor menstrual hygiene can pose serious health risks and it is important to provide adolescent girls with the right information in order to enable them live healthy lives during their periods.

With the help of some facilitators from our organization, our intern was able to take young girls through the necessities of menstrual hygiene and the need for it. Menstrual hygiene can sometimes turn to be overlooked by rural folks but with this outreach, school pupils had the opportunity to learn more and asked really important questions about their menstrual cycles, as well as menstrual hygiene. And it will be insightful to know, that curiosity also pushed male school pupils to also learn and understand so as not to shame and ridicule young teenage girls who have just started out this part of their journeys as females. At the end of the day, both school pupils and the staff of Necessary Aid Alliance had fun through the process .Also, both picked up lessons from the outreach programme, which will forever live in their memories.

Books were also donated to all students to enhance reading habits among students

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