Charity Batuure mentors rural children under C4C Project

In a global context, the implementation of mentoring and skills-training programs in communities and schools have over the years become important tools for developing students and preparing them for real-world work experience. Government —through its educational agencies, communities, NGOs and individuals are key stakeholders in inculcating into young people, especially students a sense of guidance and belonging throug h outreaches. In Ghana, particularly in the rural sector, the need for school and community outreach programs that provide mentoring and skills training for young people are as urgent as ever. Apart from building the capacity of young people and mentoring them along the path of success, school outreaches go a long way in facilitating, the inculcation of essential educational values into students for their development.

Our Calendar for Change project provides the opportunity for students in all 10 rural schools in Wa West and East to have healthy and engaging conversations with Role Models.

Madam Charity Batuure, Regional Director for Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection engaged students in beneficiary schools in Wa East and West as part of our Role Model Visits. She tasked students to believe in dreams and makes conscious efforts to make them come to fruition.  As the BECE examination lingers around, Madam Batuure expressed her optimism in the intellectual capacities of the students and admonished them to learn hard and make their parents and communities proud.

We’re optimistic that this impactful conversation will translate to good grades as students sit in for their BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination).

We appreciate the educational support materials donated by our Role Model to support basic educational studies.

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